“Oh, no. It’s an E-Cig, it’s much Healthier.” – Studies Reveal Health Risks Of E-Cigarettes

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“There’s no such thing as a safe cigarette.” This is a line that has been used to describe menthols, filtered cigarettes, and slims, but it also applies to the latest product for smokers: electronic cigarettes. They have been widely heralded by users and manufacturers as a completely harmless smoking alternative, but there isn’t much research to back up that statement. Recent studies have shown that they still contain tiny particles that can irritate lung tissue and could cause disease.

Modern electronic cigarettes have been available for a decade and have been booming in popularity. Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs don’t burn dried tobacco leaves doused in nearly 600 additives; 69 of which are carcinogenic. Instead, a battery-powered device heats a liquid solution (called e-liquid) of nicotine and flavors, creating an aerosol that is inhaled to simulate the physical sensation of smoking in a process known as “vaping”.

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One Night Stand

” I like girls the same height as me,” he said. I wasn’t sure if he was flirting with me or just saying that; after all we were the same height. He was dark. Tall. Full Beard. Little curly hair on top. Tattoos all the way down to his hands; whole sleeves. Nice calf muscles. This man was beautiful. Cargo pants. Nikes. Black shirt that said something on them but I can’t even remember because I was so distracted by his sexy arms.

The day went on and someone mentioned watching scary movies. Ahh. I hate scary movies. But I figured it’s my second to last night in town, I might as well stay out with everyone and drink some more. The two mattresses came out. There were couches too. I chose to sleep on the end so when I can get up to leave when I was ready. He say laid next to me.

I sat up, someone asked if I needed a pillow. “You can lay right here!” He said as he slapped his chest. His sister yelled his name and said “stop!”. I was so embarrassed because everyone was in the room.

Someone brings me a pillow. I laid bed next to him. We start watching the movie. I’m screaming, because I hate scary movies. He holds my hand. We els hands for a whole then he had an itch, and he scratched with his hand in my hand. I felt it. DAMN. But I ignored it. Buy this time we have already been drinking for hours. I’m buzzed.

Next thing I know, he’s rubbing my thighs. It’s been too long since I’ve felt a mans touch. A kiss. A hug. Cuddling. Nothing. In months. I enjoyed him feeling my thigh. He started grabbing my sides and my ass. Squeezing them hard. Kissing me on my neck. I’m grabbing his head/hair while he kissing on my neck. I was trying not to give in, but it had been an hour plus of this fooling around. People are still up in the room so we are trying to keep cool. But damn, he was making me hot. He started going to the pearl, I told him it had been months since I’ve done anything and I didn’t want him to play with her. He moves his hand lower and digressed from my pearl. He starts kissing on my neck. Again. Then moved his mouth down my breast. I’m moaning. He lifts his mouth up to say “shhh…” There are people in the room. It’s just been so long.

We wait until the room goes quiet. We head to the laundry room. I sit on the washer. He’s kissing on me. I’m grabbing on his arms. I’m soaked. He starts playing with her… Touching her. Rubbing her. I can’t take it anymore. “Put it in…” I moaned in his ear.

Life Lessons I’ve Learned From How I Met Your Mother

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This was perfect!

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Kids, after nine seasons, 208 episodes, eight slaps, three Canadian pop star music videos, countless girlfriends and one person revealed to be the perfect mother, How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end.

I’ve been a HIMYM fan since season one, which I suppose is rare in this day and age, especially since the show has lasted this long. And while my level of obsession never quite hit an embarrassing peak like I did with The Office, I can’t help but compare  the two. Both are sitcoms that will forever have a mark on television, both have loyal fan followings, both ended (are ending) with nine seasons to their resume. Like The Office, fans were given a year’s worth warning that it would be the final season, but that doesn’t mean the end comes any easier. It’s been a year since I’ve watched a full episode of The Office, because it…

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I went to karaoke tonight. Tried to get over all things I heard tonight. About how there’s a possibly he will be with her. It’s hard cause I’m drinking. And all the words keep replaying in my head. My heart hurts. My soul hurts. You all don’t here me though. Hearing about someone you’ve saved yourself more going back to their…. Hurts your soul. Even if it’s a possibility. IG heart literally hurts.

Finding Peace Within

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WP_20140625_002This morning I kicked off my shoes, planted my feet firmly into the Earth and began singing my song as I searched for 4 leaf clovers before work. For a long while I just sang and searched, moving along slowly as I kept my gaze upon the clover beds before me. At some point in my search this morning, I realized that I had found much more than special clovers. I found peace, relaxation and love.

In that moment that I realized what I had found, I smiled and do you know what I did next? I continued. Why stop the bliss? Why ruin the moment with over-thinking and analyzing?

A few factors came into play to create this moment of peace. Firstly, kicking off my shoes and making that direct connection to the Earth, created a grounding effect as well as linking myself with the Earth’s hum. The singing…

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