Dear Music–


The way you have my heart is so unwavering! I will probably write 100 more letters to you. I love you. Like I am in love with you. The way it makes you feel. The way it makes you forget. The way it makes you remember. Man I love you, Music. You have made my world go ’round & ’round! Everything I dream and feel is because of the lyrics in your songs. You know me even when I am busy trying to figure out myself. Hip hop. Pop. Rap. Rock. Every bit of it. I love it.

Thank you for fixing my life. 


On Writing: Motivation

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When it comes to writing and developing characters, you need always to keep one word in mind: motivation.

Motivation is helpful in two fronts. Motivation…

a) defines characters, and

b) pushes the story along

Think about it. In order for the beautiful harmonizing of a solid story and lovable characters to occur, several things must happen, but the main thing is motivation.

Think Lord of the Rings. Not only is the story itself driven by the motivation to destroy the ring, but the characters are defined so clearly because of that motivation.

Think Finding Nemo. The title itself is the motivation behind the story and the characters.

Motivation is nearly everything in a story. Why am I writing this? Why is the bad guy bad? Why did my protagonist just do that?


But the catch is, the motivation must be believable.

Writers – don’t make your characters…

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Be Selfish says the Selfish Asshole (Business Philosophy) by Michael Silvers

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Be Selfish

“the Selfish Asshole”

Written By Michael Silvers

IG: fanbuzz

Selfish – it is defined in the Dictionary as = devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare, etc.. Caring for oneself – is that bad?  Primarily concerned with one’s own interests and benefits – ok. See this world we live in looks down on what “they” consider a selfish act or a selfish person, yet I disagree, I say BE SELFISH.


If you have ever taken a plane ride then, well if you were listening, you hear the flight attendants instruct us all to please place our own oxygen mask on First before we begin to assist someone else with their mask.  Interesting I believe because see I believe it we are not Selfish in our daily actions then we cease to exist and ceasing to exist with us will be…

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Dear Confidant



Yeah, you know I am drinking. How else can I write shit to you? I feel so awkward sometimes, which is rare considering I have knowing you for twelve years, I was so attracted to you. I loved me some you! Like I legit liked you. I remember you telling me you just liked me as a friend. You were actually the one who invited to Facebook (back when you needed an invitation). Anywho, I told you and you were like we just are friends (given you deny this, but I am a girl. I remember all of this conversation).

But who was I then? Man, I was a little girl who was so insecure. I was nothing, or that’s how I felt. I got you with Bugie, I got with your cousin. We just went ahead and claimed we were cousins. That was fair. Our parents had known each other for 35 years.

Ten-thirteen years later… I have a boobies, and a little ass. I have grown into a woman. You’re style is so cold! You dress perfect man. I know it’s something stupid and shallow, but I LOVE it. I love big glasses. I love your sense of style.

You knew me when I was crazy. I was self-mutilating. I was depressed. You know that side of me. You know I think I drink too much. You know I worry about myself. I have best friends. I know that. I have two best friends I can talk to that stuff about and they understand. I know my other friends would never judge me, but they don’t get it. You get it. You get me. You get when I am crazy. I guess it’s easier to say you would identify with me.

When you confind in me about your personal life? Man, it opened up this door. But I just was like he looks at my like family, and this is what family does. I did tell you I liked you before though, and ever since you rejected me I just took it as a L. There had been a few times I thought you were flirting but unsure, or maybe unsure of myself. I don’t know. I really don’t even know why I am writing or what im writing about. So I’ll digress until. I figure out why you’ve been on my mind since the day you told me you felt something…


Dear Reginald-


Oh, man. I am going to try to write this without tearing up because you are the most ridiculous person who I have ever met.

When I was born, you were there. The end. 
Or, so I thought. I almost died once, and called your and curse you out so bad. I was 12.
You started to calling more and being involved.
I went to Vegas to visit you, I was 13.
You let me get a belly button ring, boy was my mother pissed.
You got very upset with me because I did not know how to respect you, because I mean… I did not think of you as my father. So you stopped speaking to me for a year or so. I was 14.
My feelings were hurt, and I kept contacting you, no response.
You decided to pop up again. I was 16.
We spoke here and there.
You got mad again. I was 16.
You clearly do not understand, if you are inconsistent with your relationship we end up not having a relationship! I have no respect for people are inconsistent. So I guess you leaving again was the proper choice. Good job, Dad!
Met my sister, you know the daughter you have that I never met? But you sent me home early Oh, I was 17.
That was one of the best trips of me life. 
You missed my graduation. I was 18.
Such is life. My mom told me you couldn’t face the fact I was something and you had nothing to do with it.
Popped up again, I was 19. 
Hey, Dad! Always on your time again. Let’s see how long it takes for you leave this time.
We started to get close again, me and my girls came to Vegas to visit. Had a blast. I was 19.
Going to Fremont Street, drinking. You literally are one of my most fun friends.
I will not neglect that you sent me money 3-4 times a year starting at year 19. And yeah, clown we know we you were paying child support to my mother as well. But in my head, you owe my mom at least 1/3 of everything your worth because you were never there. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. Your check are garnished past my age of 18 because you never paid growing up. So I know you’re going to respond and act like you were doing me such a favor. But hell, in my head. It was deserved. So we get. You helped out. 
I am forever grateful for your help while I was in undergrad. I will always appreciate my parents helping through college. 
Being a father is more than money, that’s a side note.
You know I had to have the last word on that. 
You got mad about some bullshit, again, but that did not last longer than a year, and if it did I would be used to it. I was still 20.
Look at you, Dad! Learning to communicate and express yourself!
Contacted my on the regular, I was 21. 
Started feeling like I had a father.
I came to visit again, I was 23
Lived in LA, you came to visit every few months. Helped me move my car to LAThank you.
Moved back to the Midwest. You ignored for me over 3 months, but continued to speak to your other children. Finally spoke, we argued. I apologized for saying “fuck you” after you deliberately said I had daddy issues, for no reason. Tried to contact you 7 times since that date. No response. It’s been two months. A total of 6 months. Ghost. I was 24.
Which I am not sure why my families are so hurt about this. I guess cause I thought the day I had a child they would be able to see their grandfather. But your pattern of coming in and out of my life is so consistent. I would not even have you around.
But this is the path you are choosing, this is the story as we know. So when you tell the story please read aloud to be sure you are telling the right one. 
I will make sure I walk down the path you’re leading and make sure to tell the story…just. like. this. 

Dear Fear Friend-


Dear Fear Friend,

So yeah, everything happened. Everything happened. Things are pretty messed up. I have no idea who fell for who, or how this happened. One minute we were best friends hanging out with our crew, the next we are dancing looking into one another’s eyes. Butterflies. Heart eyes. Drinks. That’s the night I remember. That is the night things change.

I mean, I was single. But I was still in love with someone else. Then you and I danced. It was the first time I felt anything for anyone else since I had met The Gentleman. And even after he left me, I had not felt anything for anyone. I still felt it. For you.I have no idea who made the first move, who made the second, or even third. Why wait until then? When I am emotionally unavailable?  Makes no sense.

We had known one another for years. I was a tall, skinny, ugly girl. You were a chubby, dorky,  clown. High School. When we met. Who would’ve known we’d turn out looking like this? My GAWD!  I am laughing right now, but I know you know what I mean.

I remember when you first started to date this chick, when I felt some type of way. I had no idea why I was in my feelings! I was like yeah, maybe I am attracted to you. But shit, you acted your age *side eyes* and was like I am cool, I cannot fuck with this clown. Like you ain’t love me. Dude. You loved me.

You know me. You know my heart. You know my mind. But damn, you my best friend. How did we fuck this up? Do you know how hard it is to meet people who understand your life and soul? Shoot, understand your sense of humor and not think you are being an ass? It is hard to find those type of people. Those type of friends. Those type of people who know your story, and no matter how fucked up your story is.. they still accept you. Every bit of your flaws.

I am with The Gentleman now; how are you and I gonna make this shit work? We can’t. He knows about our flirtatiousness. He cannot stand the thought of us being friends. I can’t blame him. I think about you though. I think about you every day. I miss you. Every day. I don’t know if I miss my friend or if I miss how we were that winter.

But regardless, I am with The Gentleman. And I knew that was my husband from the moment we met…

So what is this feeling in my chest I get when I think about us not speaking for the rest of our lives?

& I remember when you said this to me. Can’t get it out of my mind.